amber v0.31.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-10-12 // 3 months ago

Previous changes from v0.30.0

    ⬆️ The DSL for Granite have been changed. In order to upgrade from 0.29.0 or earlier, make the following modifications:

    In the config/, replace the Granite::Adapters line with:

    Granite::Connections << "mysql", url: Amber.settings.database_url)

    In your models, replace adapter with connection, table_name with table, primary with column .., primary: true, and field with column. Also, add a ? for Nilable columns. Here is an example model:

    class Post \< Granite::Base connection mysql table posts belongs\_to :user column id : Int64, primary: true column title : String? column body : String? timestampsend