amethyst v0.1.7 Release Notes

Release Date: 2015-07-01 // almost 9 years ago
  • What's new:

    • Totally new views - now without manual arguments specifying - all controller's instance variables can be acessed as a local in views.
    • ➕ Add before_action macros - now you can specify filters for actions
    • Application classes now can be placed into the modules
    • Now you can specify static dirs
    • ➕ Add secure, httponly, path and domain options for response.cookie
    • ➕ Add Session::Pool (thanks to @bararchy )
    • ➕ Add button_to method for views
    • 🛠 Fix whole bunch of bugs (thanks to @bararchy for encountering and opening issues)
    • 👌 Improve perfomance (thanks to @bararchy )

Previous changes from v0.1.3

  • What's new:

    • 0️⃣ default routes for controllers - if Amethyst didn't find regular route, it will try to handle default one - /:controller/:action
    • 👌 improve and optimize cookies support
    • introduce params - all params(GET, POST, path) in one place
    • params (also query_parameters, request_parameters and path_parameters)keys can be Symbol or String - it is no matter from now(params["id"] == params[:id])
    • ➕ add has_keys?(Array) for parameters. If at least one key is missing, it will return false
    • ➕ add HttpMethodNotAllowed and HttpNotImplemented Exceptions. In production mode, they will be turned to HttpNotFound error page.
    • 🛠 fix HttpException raising in controllers
    • 🛠 fix bug with empty values of parameters. Now, by default, all unsetted parameters will be empty string( for example, if controller invoked with path, params will be "", not nil , thanks to @bararchy
    • 🛠 fix scope bug when require "amethyst", thanks to @paa001
    • 👌 improve and add more specs