Programming language: Crystal
Tags: Science And Data Analysis    
Latest version: v0.2.5

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Num.cr is the core shard needed for scientific computing with Crystal

It provides:

  • An n-dimensional Tensor data structure
  • sophisticated reduction and accumulation routines
  • data structures that can easily be passed to C libraries
  • powerful linear algebra routines backed by LAPACK and BLAS


Num.cr relies on OpenBLAS and LAPACK for many underlying computations, and the development packages must be present for Num.cr to work correctly.

For Debian, use libopenblas-dev and liblapack-dev. For other operating systems review the relevant installation instructions for that OS.


Num.cr provides data structures that facilitate element-wise operations, accumulations, and reductions. While some operations are backed by BLAS and LaPACK, many vectorized operations use iteration written in Crystal. The primary goal of this library was to provide a NumPy like interface in Crystal, and performance will be revisited constantly as the library is improved.

Getting Started

To learn how to use the basic functionality of Num.cr, check out the quickstart guide.


Num.cr requires help in many different ways to continue to grow as a shard. Contributions such as high level documentation and code quality checks are needed just as much as API enhancements. If you are considering larger scale contributions that extend beyond minor enhancements and bug fixes, contact Crystal Data in order to be added to the organization to gain access to review and merge permissions.