grip v0.28.1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-03-16 // 19 days ago
    • ➕ Added additional documentation details for the pipeline and built-in pipes.
    • Extended the WebSocket controller for more functionality.
    • ➕ Added an assigns struct which contains all of the pipe data.

Previous changes from v0.28.0

    • ✂ Removed the magic functions and made the framework more consistent.
    • 🚚 Moved macros which made no sense of being macros to the methods module.
    • Added multiple before_* and after_* methods.
    • 📚 Updated the documentation.
    • @Whaxion has created a spec library for the Grip framework spec-grip.
    • ➕ Added a pipeline feature which gives you an ability to pipe middleware before reaching the endpoint.
    • Restructured the code.