Programming language: Crystal
License: MIT License
Tags: Blockchain    
Latest version: v2.0.3

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To be the go to platform for building dApps quickly and cheaply for business and gaming

Axentro is an original proof of work blockchain platform that empowers developers to build decentralised apps quickly and cheaply. It features the following:

  • CPU mining using the award winning Argon2d hashing algorithm
  • Decentralised apps platform
  • Human readable addresses
  • Globally distributed mining rewards
  • Unique double helix chain with Slow and Fast transactions

Platform status

The platform phase one is complete and now stable with a live Mainnet. Phase two of the development will start early 2021 with a host of features for building decentralised apps as well as a mobile wallet.

Environment Url Status
Mainnet http://mainnet.axentro.io Stable

Follow the Getting Started documentation to explore further.


Blockchain Specification

Name Axentro
Coin ticker AXNT
Coin name Axentro
Consensus CDPoW
Max Block reward 12 AXNT (decreasing)
Miner reward Prorated on contribution
Slow Block spacing 120 seconds
Fast Block spacing 2 seconds
Block spacing algo Dark Crystal Gravity Wave
Developer fund 10,000,000 AXNT
Total mineable 20,000,000 AXNT
Total non-mineable 15,000,000 AXNT
Total Supply 45,000,000 AXNT
Maturity 7 Blocks
Minimum txn fee 0.0001 AXNT
PoW mining algorithm Argon2id
Port 80/443


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