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To be the go to platform for building dApps quickly and cheaply for business and gaming

Sushichain is an original proof of work blockchain platform that empowers developers to build decentralised apps quickly and cheaply. It features the following:

  • CPU mining using the award winning Argon2d hashing algorithm
  • Decentralised apps platform
  • Human readable addresses
  • Smart assets
  • Distributed two factor authentication.

Platform status

The platform is still in heavy development but the TestNet is up and running however it is currently unstable due to ongoing development which requires frequent restarts and updates. See the roadmap for more information about the delivery schedule.

Environment Url Status
Testnet http://testnet.sushichain.io:3000 Unstable

Follow the Getting Started documentation to explore further.


Blockchain Specification

Coin name Sushi
Coin ticker SUSHI
Consensus PoW
Block reward 0.5 SUSHI
Miner reward Prorated on contribution
Block spacing 10 to 40 seconds
Pre-mine 2,000,000 SUSHI (10%)
Total Supply 20,000,000 SUSHI
Maturity 20 Blocks
Minimum txn fee 0.0001 SUSHI
PoW mining algorithm Argon2d
Port 3000


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Active Team

  • @kingsleyh Kingsley Hendrickse - founder & lead developer
  • @jferas John Feras - core developer
  • @mamalisk Kostas Mamalis - core developer
  • @raymanoz Raymond Barlow - core developer
  • @watzon Chris Watson - core developer
  • @fenicks Christian Kakesa - contributor
  • @bararchy Bar Hofesh - Security advisor

Past Contributors

  • @tbrand Taichiro Suzuki - original founder