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A convenient wrapper for the Telegram Bot API
Featured Shard // Category Third-party APIs

Qt5 bindings for Crystal, based on Bindgen
Synced from the Github list // Category GUI library



IRC protocol implementation (Client, Server, Bots)
Featured Shard // Category Networking

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A key/value store where entries expire after a specified interval
Featured Shard // Category Caching

Simple wrapper for crystal-xml
Featured Shard // Category Misc


A* Path finding for PNG mazes
Featured Shard // Category Examples and funny stuff

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  • Crystal Survey 2017 Results
  • Crystal for Rubyists - Free Ebook
  • Daring to Try - Crystal Language at RubyConf
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Lisp dialect implemented with Crystal
Featured Shard // Category Implementations and Compilers

granite-orm vs crecto

Popular comparison
  • granite-orm - ORM for Postgres, Mysql, Sqlite
  • crecto - Database wrapper, based on Ecto

NuummiteOS vs csmli

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  • NuummiteOS - An OS written in Crystal as a Proof of Concept
  • csmli - Mini-Lisp interpreter


Universally Unique Lexicographically Sortable Identifier (ULID)
Featured Shard // Category Misc

Crystal for Rubyists - Free Ebook

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Type safe configuration for your classes and modules
Featured Shard // Category Configuration


Small opinionated testing library focusing on power asserts
Featured Shard // Category Testing


Bindings for MonetDB
Featured Shard // Category Database Drivers

Crystal Survey 2017 Results

Article Popular Story // vs lirith

Popular comparison
  • - Small simplistic helper class for executing shell commands
  • lirith - Graphics engine


Bindings for Cairo graphics library
Featured Shard // Category C bindings

mixpanel-crystal vs crystalforce

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  • mixpanel-crystal - A library for sending events to Mixpanel
  • crystalforce - Salesforce REST api


ORM specialized to PostgreSQL only but with advanced features
Synced from the Github list // Category ORM/ODM Extensions


Bindings for Chipmunk, a fast and lightweight 2D game physics library
Featured Shard // Category Game Development

Bugsnag exception notifier and sidekiq middleware
Featured Shard // Category Third-party APIs


X11 bindings
Featured Shard // Category C bindings

http_distributor vs keyer_cr

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  • http_distributor - HTTP server which allows sneaky http requests
  • keyer_cr - Adds HTTP GET/POST parameter parsing as a Hash-like object

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  • "A Quick Look at Crystal" by thoughtbot
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Wrapper for Valve's DotA API
Featured Shard // Category Third-party APIs


Set security-related HTTP headers
Featured Shard // Category HTTP

Bindings for the ICU library
Featured Shard // Category C bindings


Bindings for libsass
Featured Shard // Category C bindings