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CSS selectors for HTML5 Parser myhtml
Featured Shard // Category HTML/XML Parsing



A simpler database migration tool with transactions
Featured Shard // Category Database Tools

lucky vs amber

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  • lucky - Catch bugs early, forget about most performance issues, and spend more time on code instead of debugging and writing tests
  • amber - Open source efficient and cohesive web application framework

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A minimal, rails'esk routing library.
Featured Shard // Category Routing


Bindings for lexborisov/myhtml
Featured Shard // Category Low level bindings

crystal-connpass vs TelegramBot

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  • crystal-connpass - Wrapper for the Connpass API
  • TelegramBot - A wrapper for the Telegram Bot API


A port
Featured Shard // Category CLI Builders

Bindings for libssh2 library
Featured Shard // Category Low level bindings

html-pipeline vs remarkdown

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  • html-pipeline - HTML processing filters and utilities
  • remarkdown - GFM for Crystal

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  • Bifröst – a standalone websocket server written in Crystal
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Yet another simple HTTP and REST client with a chainable API, built-in sessions and timeouts
Featured Shard // Category HTTP

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Pure, transparent and efficient ORM
Featured Shard // Category ORM/ODM Extensions

Bifröst – a standalone websocket server written in Crystal

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A combined SMTP/POP3-server with volatile mail storage
Featured Shard // Category Email

crecto vs jennifer

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  • crecto - Database wrapper, based on Ecto
  • jennifer - Active Record pattern implementation with flexible query chainable builder and migration system

chalk-box vs turkish-number

Popular comparison
  • chalk-box - Terminal color toolbox, check support and colorized (without String monkey patch)
  • turkish-number - Turn integers into the Turkish words

DeBot vs torrent

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  • DeBot - IRC bot written in Crystal
  • torrent - A BitTorrent client vs Crystal [ANN]

Popular comparison
  • - Service that manages dependencies inspired by Gemnasium and David
  • Crystal [ANN] - Announce new project, blog post, version update or any other Crystal work

Amber framework hits 1k+ stars. 🎉🎊💪

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A mixture of music related methods
Featured Shard // Category Examples and funny stuff vs

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  • - Raven is a client for Sentry
  • - A library to use Gravatar service


Click anywhere with only a few key strokes
Featured Shard // Category Services and Apps


Lightweight DI Container
Featured Shard // Category Framework Components

lattice-core-card-game vs crystal-patterns

Popular comparison
  • lattice-core-card-game - A demo web app for (WebSocket-based) lattice-core
  • crystal-patterns - Examples of GOF patters vs radix

Popular comparison
  • - Collection of edit distance algorithms
  • radix - Radix Tree implementation

crystalline vs text

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  • crystalline - A collection of containers and algorithms
  • text - A collection of phonetic algorithms


Abstraction layer for template engines
Featured Shard // Category Template Engine

Awesome Crystal Newsletter » 58

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MessagePack library
Featured Shard // Category Networking