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Bindings for libxdo (xdotool)
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Recursive Hash with better JSON::Any included
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Why Crystal Is Awesome

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Another one Rake-like task manager with namespacing and arguments system
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Library to handle IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
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Client for Google Translate
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kemal-ws-pg-todo-app vs kemal-mysql-blog

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  • kemal-ws-pg-todo-app - Realtime Todo application developed with Kemal, Websockets, jQuery, ES2015 and PostgreSQL
  • kemal-mysql-blog - Blog written with Crystal, Kemal and MySQL

A library to generate YouTube-like ids from one or many numbers
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amber vs kemal

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  • amber - Open source efficient and cohesive web application framework
  • kemal - Lightning Fast, Super Simple web framework. Inspired by Sinatra


Kemal API Version Extension
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Generate and parse m3u8 playlists for HTTP Live Streaming
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kemal vs amber

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  • kemal - Lightning Fast, Super Simple web framework. Inspired by Sinatra
  • amber - Open source efficient and cohesive web application framework vs

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  • - A Slack Real Time Messaging API WebSocket client library
  • - Raven is a client for Sentry

mixpanel-crystal vs

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  • mixpanel-crystal - A library for sending events to Mixpanel
  • - Docker API client


Ability to execute crystal code in a fashion similar to Ruby's pry edit
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Build Realtime Web applications with Kemal and Vue.js
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  • Lucky with Crystal - Fewer Bugs, Better Performance, Incredible Productivity
  • Ruby may be getting Crystal-like threads/fibers
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  • - Minimum but powerful http router for HTTP::Server
  • keyer_cr - Adds HTTP GET/POST parameter parsing as a Hash-like object


Ansible playbook for installing crystal
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RethinkDB Driver
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Automatic bindings generator configured using JSON/YAML files
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  • - Statsd client library
  • - Easy to use finite state machine for Crystal classes

Bindings for libpcap
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rethinkdb-crystal vs eventql-crystal

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  • rethinkdb-crystal - RethinkDB Driver
  • eventql-crystal - EventQL driver


An expressive implementation of statistical distributions
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Elasticsearch client for Crystal similar to the stretcher gem for ruby
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kemal-pg vs graphql-crystal

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  • kemal-pg - Easily add Postgresql database to Kemal
  • graphql-crystal - Graphql implementation vs text

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  • - Collection of edit distance algorithms
  • text - A collection of phonetic algorithms