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Awesome Crystal Weekly » 254

Top Stories
  • 100 Languages Speedrun: Episode 55: Better Thue Interpreter in Crystal
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A tiny and simple test framework for crystal
Featured Shard // Category Testing


Crystal 1.3.2 is released!

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FFTW binding in Crystal
Featured Shard // Category C bindings


parsing and generating YAML documents (Crystal stdlib)
Synced from the Github list // Category Data Formats

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Load environment variables from YAML
Featured Shard // Category Configuration

Athena Event Dispatcher

A Mediator and Observer pattern event library
Featured Shard // Category Framework Components


A database migration solution 🚜
Featured Shard // Category Database Tools


Lightweight RESP client
Featured Shard // Category HTTP

a simple wrapper for crystal-xml
Featured Shard // Category Misc

Crystal 1.3.1 is released!

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Last 30 Days

Awesome Crystal Weekly » 253

Top Stories
  • 100 Languages Speedrun: Episode 49: Crystal
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Athena Spec

Common/helpful Spec compliant testing utilities
Featured Shard // Category Testing


Set algebra solver for Redis
Featured Shard // Category ORM/ODM Extensions

Athena 0.16.0

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Scientific computing in pure Crystal
Featured Shard // Category Science and Data analysis

Raven is a Crystal client for Sentry
Featured Shard // Category Third-party APIs


Standardized multi-provider OAuth authentication
Featured Shard // Category Framework Components


Yet another markdown parser, Compliant to CommonMark specification, written in Crystal.
Featured Shard // Category Markdown/Text Processors


Crystal bindings to Chipmunk, a fast and lightweight 2D game physics library
Featured Shard // Category Game Development

Crystal 1.3.0 is released!

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Awesome Crystal Weekly » 252

Top Stories
  • Comparing implementations of the Monkey language IV: Here comes a new challenger: Crystal
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An SMTP/POP3-server that keeps every email you send it until you fetch it
Featured Shard // Category Email

Dead simple HTML form builder for Crystal with built-in support for many popular UI libraries such as Bootstrap
Featured Shard // Category HTML Builders


Radix Tree implementation for Crystal
Featured Shard // Category Algorithms and Data structures


HAR (HTTP Archive) parser in Crystal
Featured Shard // Category Data Formats


OpenFaaS template for the crystal programming language
Featured Shard // Category Serverless Computing

Crystal bindings for Monocypher
Featured Shard // Category Cryptography