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Implementation of the circuit breaker pattern
Featured Shard // Category Misc


Bindings for libncursesw and crt
Featured Shard // Category Low level bindings

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AWS S3 interface
Featured Shard // Category Third-party APIs

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An super secret chat app, for any body who need privacy
Featured Shard // Category Services and Apps vs crystal-dbus

Popular comparison
  • - Bindings for nanomsg
  • crystal-dbus - Bindings to D-Bus

Web service that lists all repositories on GitHub that have Crystal code in them. The sources are available on GitHub
Synced from the Github list // Category Services and Apps


An implementation of the Jinja2 template engine in Crystal
Featured Shard // Category Template Engine


Linear algebra library inspired by MATLAB and SciPy.linalg
Featured Shard // Category Science and Data analysis vs crystal-mysql

Popular comparison
  • - Binding for MongoDB C driver
  • crystal-mysql - Basic MySQL bindings


ArangoDB client
Featured Shard // Category Database Drivers/Clients

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Library for mocking with Inspired by timecop ruby gem
Featured Shard // Category Testing

Bindings for OpenBSD's pledge(2)
Featured Shard // Category C bindings


Yet another markdown parser built for speed, Compliant to CommonMark specification
Featured Shard // Category Markdown/Text Processors

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  • Dipping my feet into Lucky and Crystal
  • A Crystal library for parsing netstrings
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Run periodic tasks
Featured Shard // Category Scheduling

serve vs fast-http-server

Popular comparison
  • serve - Command line static HTTP server
  • fast-http-server - Super fast, zero configuration command line HTTP Server

Design patterns implemented in Crystal

Library Popular Story //


In memory asynchronous job processing
Featured Shard // Category Queue

Raven is a client for Sentry
Featured Shard // Category Third-party APIs

Redis Cluster Manager
Featured Shard // Category Environment Management

kemal-rest-api vs crystal_api

Popular comparison
  • kemal-rest-api - A library to create RESTful API with Kemal
  • crystal_api - Simple PostgreSQL REST API with Rails devise-like auth

crystal-dbus vs zeromq-crystal

Popular comparison
  • crystal-dbus - Bindings to D-Bus
  • zeromq-crystal - Bindings for ZeroMQ


Functional programming library
Featured Shard // Category Misc

spec-kemal vs cr-melon

Popular comparison
  • spec-kemal - Easy testing for Kemal
  • cr-melon - Class based Http APIs

google_translate vs

Popular comparison
  • google_translate - Client for Google Translate
  • - A library to use URL shortening services


Static Site Generator
Featured Shard // Category Project generators

lattice-core vs kemal

Popular comparison
  • lattice-core - A WebSocket-first object-oriented framework (based on Kemal)
  • kemal - Lightning Fast, Super Simple web framework. Inspired by Sinatra


Another one Rake-like task manager with namespacing and arguments system
Featured Shard // Category Task management

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