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Kemal plugin to watch files and live-reload the browser
Featured Shard // Category Development Tools


Russian-speaking Telegram Group

Добро пожаловать, товарищ!
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Reload code changes using
Featured Shard // Category Development Tools

kemal-flash vs kemal-auth-token

Popular comparison
  • kemal-flash - Temporary storage between actions in Kemal
  • kemal-auth-token - Kemal middleware to authentication via HTTP header token using JWT

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Tailing log file
Featured Shard // Category Logging and monitoring

lucky vs amber

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  • lucky - Catch bugs early, forget about most performance issues, and spend more time on code instead of debugging and writing tests
  • amber - Open source efficient and cohesive web application framework


Watch file changes using File.stat
Featured Shard // Category Development Tools


A Crystal sequence differencing implementation
Featured Shard // Category Misc

ai4cr vs shainet

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  • ai4cr - Artificial Intelligence (based on
  • shainet - SHAInet (Neural Network in pure crystal)


Easy to use (Ruby-like syntax) Catches more bugs on development (Type safe) Easy to deploy (no runtime VM required) Very fast (microsecond responses) Very few resources required to deploy (small memory footprint)
Shard Recommended by faustinoaq

kemal vs amber

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  • kemal - Lightning Fast, Super Simple web framework. Inspired by Sinatra
  • amber - Open source efficient and cohesive web application framework


Job scheduler with crontab patterns
Featured Shard // Category Misc

Crystal 0.25.0 officially released 🎉

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Artificial Intelligence (based on
Featured Shard // Category Machine Learning

crystal-ovh vs

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  • crystal-ovh - Lightweight Crystal wrapper around OVH's API
  • - This library signs your HTTP requests using AWS v4

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Type safe configuration for your classes and modules
Featured Shard // Category Configuration

Awesome Crystal Newsletter » 67

Top Stories
  • Crystal Language Core Team Live Q&A - June 2018
  • Crystular - regular expression tester in Crystal
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  • - Bindings for ZLib library
  • - Bindings for OpenSSL library


Bindings for Chipmunk, a fast and lightweight 2D game physics library
Featured Shard // Category Game Development


Small opinionated testing library focusing on power asserts
Featured Shard // Category Testing

Crystal Language Core Team Live Q&A - June 2018

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cr-dotenv vs

Popular comparison
  • cr-dotenv - Loads .env file
  • - Dockerfile Parsing Library

stal-crystal vs crecto

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  • stal-crystal - Set algebra solver for Redis
  • crecto - Database wrapper, based on Ecto

RocksDB client
Featured Shard // Category Database Drivers


Regular expression tester
Synced from the Github list // Category Services and Apps

Crystal 0.25.0 released!

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Redis backed periodic and ad hoc job processing
Featured Shard // Category Queues and Messaging


Bindings for Cairo graphics library
Featured Shard // Category C bindings


A Rails esque web framework with a focus on speed and extensibility
Featured Shard // Category Web Frameworks