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Bindings for libsass
Featured Shard // Category C bindings

chizge vs crystal-learn

Popular comparison
  • chizge - A Network (Graph) Analysis library, inspired by NetworkX
  • crystal-learn - Sklearn-like machine-learning library



GDAX REST and WebSocket API Wrapper with request signing
Featured Shard // Category Third-party APIs vs devmail

Popular comparison
  • - Email SMTP client
  • devmail - A combined SMTP/POP3-server with volatile mail storage

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Convert time in human readable format with ease
Featured Shard // Category Converters


A game written in Crystal, using the Glove project as the game engine
Featured Shard // Category Game Development

gumbo-crystal vs myhtml

Popular comparison
  • gumbo-crystal - Bindings for Gumbo, an HTML5 parsing library made by Google
  • myhtml - Bindings for lexborisov/myhtml

Bindings for libpcap
Featured Shard // Category Low level bindings


Google Maps API
Featured Shard // Category Third-party APIs

Awesome Crystal Newsletter » 80

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  • Programming Crystal: Create High-Performance, Safe, Concurrent Apps by Ivo Balbaert and Simon St. Laurent
  • 170: Less Charted Territory | The Bike Shed | Chris is joined by Paul Smith to discuss Crystal
  • Installing Crystal on Ubuntu 18.04 – Jesse Horne – Medium
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OptionParser vs commander

Popular comparison
  • OptionParser - command-line options processing (Crystal stdlib)
  • commander - Command-line interface builder

Mocking library for Crystal
Featured Shard // Category Testing


Generate models and serializers from JSON, JSON Schema, GraphQL, and TypeScript
Synced from the Github list // Category Services and Apps

kemal-ws-react-pg-todo-app vs kemal-pg-sample

Popular comparison
  • kemal-ws-react-pg-todo-app - Realtime Todo application developed with Kemal, Websockets, React, ES2015 and PostgreSQL
  • kemal-pg-sample - Sample app to demonstrate kemal + postgresql usage

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Small opinionated testing library focusing on power asserts
Featured Shard // Category Testing


Type safe configuration for your classes and modules
Featured Shard // Category Configuration

JSON vs Zlib

Popular comparison
  • JSON - parsing and generating JSON documents (Crystal stdlib)
  • Zlib - readers and writers of zlib format (Crystal stdlib)

Bindings for libxdo (xdotool)
Featured Shard // Category C bindings


Artificial Intelligence (based on
Featured Shard // Category Machine Learning


A modern command line job processor that can execute jobs concurrently
Featured Shard // Category Misc

metaclass vs cron_scheduler

Popular comparison
  • metaclass - A library for manipulating class-level definitions
  • cron_scheduler - Job scheduler with crontab patterns


{{Mustache}} for Crystal
Featured Shard // Category Template Engine

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Qt5 bindings for Crystal, based on Bindgen
Featured Shard // Category GUI library

Bunny vs Slang

Popular comparison
  • Bunny - A simple HTML templating language for Crystal, same syntax as erb
  • Slang - Lightweight, terse, templating language inspired by Ruby's Slim


Bindings for Cairo graphics library
Featured Shard // Category C bindings


Redis backed periodic and ad hoc job processing
Featured Shard // Category Queues and Messaging


A collection of containers and algorithms
Featured Shard // Category Algorithms and Data structures


A Rails esque web framework with a focus on speed and extensibility
Featured Shard // Category Web Frameworks