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Bindings for Cairo graphics library
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A robust DSL for writing command line interfaces
Featured Shard // Category CLI Builders

google_maps_api vs pullword

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  • google_maps_api - Google Maps API
  • pullword - A package to use pullword

crystal_slack vs

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  • crystal_slack - A tool that parses Slack slash commands or send incoming web hooks
  • - A library to use Gravatar service

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Type safe querying, saving and updating
Featured Shard // Category ORM/ODM Extensions

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Virtual file system implementation
Featured Shard // Category Virtualization vs snappy-crystal

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  • - Bindings for nanomsg
  • snappy-crystal - Bindings for Snappy library

spec-kemal vs

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  • spec-kemal - Easy testing for Kemal
  • - Phoenix Channels client


Exercism exercises
Featured Shard // Category Examples and funny stuff


Redis backed periodic and ad hoc job processing
Featured Shard // Category Queues and Messaging


Abstraction layer for template engines
Featured Shard // Category Template Engine

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A Rails esque web framework with a focus on speed and extensibility
Featured Shard // Category Web Frameworks

ECR (Embedded Crystal) vs Kilt

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  • ECR (Embedded Crystal) - compile time template language which uses plain crystal expressions (Crystal stdlib)
  • Kilt - Abstraction layer for template engines


Ability to execute crystal code in a fashion similar to Ruby's pry edit
Featured Shard // Category Services and Apps


X11 bindings
Featured Shard // Category C bindings

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  • Microservices with Crystal and Kemal
  • Serverless Crystal – TPei – Medium
  • Debug Crystal TCP server – JTWay
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Bindings for the libgphoto2 library
Featured Shard // Category Low level bindings


Class based Http APIs
Featured Shard // Category Framework Components

kemal-heroku-example vs os-crystal

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  • kemal-heroku-example - This repository shows, how you can publish your open source apps which powered kemal framework publish as heroku app in seconds
  • os-crystal - x86 Kernel implemented in Crystal


Vim-like Interactive CRystal
Featured Shard // Category Services and Apps

My Advent of Code 2018 solutions, all in Crystal!

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Crystal syntax highlighting for sublime Text
Featured Shard // Category Sublime


A RFC compliant Email validator
Featured Shard // Category Email


A library to create RESTful API with Kemal
Featured Shard // Category API Builders


Feature flipping/flags/rollouts. Supports multiple backends
Featured Shard // Category Feature Flipping

crystal-benchmarks-game vs crystal-by-example

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  • crystal-benchmarks-game - The Computer Language Benchmarks Game
  • crystal-by-example - Crystal By Example

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  • CRYSTAL - The future of programming languages
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Crystal bindings for LevelDB
Featured Shard // Category Database Drivers/Clients

CRYSTAL - The future of programming languages

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