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Exercism exercises
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Catch bugs early, forget about most performance issues, and spend more time on code instead of debugging and writing tests
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Simple, efficient job processing
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  • - Bindings for libncursesw and crt
  • crystal_av - Bindings to ClamAV anti-virus

docker-kemal vs kemal-monetdb-test

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  • docker-kemal - An example Dockerized Crystal Kemal project
  • kemal-monetdb-test - MonetDB Kemal test project

Bunny vs Slang

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  • Bunny - A simple HTML templating language for Crystal, same syntax as erb
  • Slang - Lightweight, terse, templating language inspired by Ruby's Slim

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  • Parallelism in Crystal
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crystal-leveldb vs

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  • crystal-leveldb - Crystal bindings for LevelDB
  • - RocksDB client

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crake vs lake

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  • crake - Rake-like build utility library. It is just a library, so it does not provide CLI
  • lake - Rake-like task management for Crystal programs


Full featured Redis client
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kemal vs amber

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  • kemal - Lightning Fast, Super Simple web framework. Inspired by Sinatra
  • amber - Open source efficient and cohesive web application framework


ORM specialized to PostgreSQL only but with advanced features
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amber vs lucky

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  • amber - Open source efficient and cohesive web application framework
  • lucky - Catch bugs early, forget about most performance issues, and spend more time on code instead of debugging and writing tests


A simpler database migration tool with transactions
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spec-kemal vs

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  • spec-kemal - Easy testing for Kemal
  • - Phoenix Channels client


An implementation of the Jinja2 template engine in Crystal
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Parallelism in Crystal

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  • Base API - Updates
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crystal_api vs kemal-rest-api

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  • crystal_api - Simple PostgreSQL REST API with Rails devise-like auth
  • kemal-rest-api - A library to create RESTful API with Kemal vs response_time

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  • - A port of the Ruby MIME-types library
  • response_time - Response time for Crystal servers (pure http server, kemal, etc.)

crystal-routing vs

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  • crystal-routing - Extensible library to deal with http request and string based routing
  • - Minimum but powerful http router for HTTP::Server


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  • JSON - parsing and generating JSON documents (Crystal stdlib)
  • INI - INI file parser (Crystal stdlib)


MessagePack library
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Chinese-speaking Telegram Group

来吧!TG 中文圈的朋友们!
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Automatic bindings generator configured using JSON/YAML files
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ORM for Postgres, Mysql, Sqlite
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micrate vs crecto-admin

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  • micrate - Database migration tool
  • crecto-admin - Admin dashboard for Crecto and your database


Another one Rake-like task manager with namespacing and arguments system
Featured Shard // Category Task management

dispatch vs disque-cr

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  • dispatch - In memory asynchronous job processing
  • disque-cr - Client for Disque queueing system