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Another one Rake-like task manager with namespacing and arguments system
Featured Shard // Category Task management

oq v1.0.1

A new version of oq has been released
New Version



handle and mutate JSON document easily
Featured Shard // Category Data Formats vs crystal-dbus

Popular comparison
  • - Bindings for nanomsg
  • crystal-dbus - Bindings to D-Bus

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Add keywords await & async in Crystal Lang
Featured Shard // Category Processes and Threads

GeoIP2 reader
Featured Shard // Category Data Formats


Mutation testing framework
Featured Shard // Category Testing


Signals/slots notification library
Featured Shard // Category Misc

torrent vs icr

Popular comparison
  • torrent - A BitTorrent client
  • icr - Interactive console for Crystal (like IRB for Ruby)


Get CPU, Memory and Network informations of the running OS and its processes
Featured Shard // Category System

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  • A Crystal Story: Simple Static File Server!
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Binary data parser helper with an ASN.1 parser
Featured Shard // Category Data Formats

crystal-darksky vs google_translate

Popular comparison
  • crystal-darksky - Wrapper for the Dark Sky API
  • google_translate - Client for Google Translate

raze vs lucky

Popular comparison
  • raze - Modular, light web framework
  • lucky - Catch bugs early, forget about most performance issues, and spend more time on code instead of debugging and writing tests


Modular, annotation based, API oriented framework with built in param conversion
Featured Shard // Category Web Frameworks

amber vs lucky

Popular comparison
  • amber - Open source efficient and cohesive web application framework
  • lucky - Catch bugs early, forget about most performance issues, and spend more time on code instead of debugging and writing tests

observable vs

Popular comparison
  • observable - Implementation of the Observer pattern
  • - Simple wrapper for crystal-xml


Extensible annotation based serialization/deserialization library
Featured Shard // Category Misc


The Spotify API for Crystal
Shard Added by t1ra into category Third-party APIs


Generate JSON objects with a Builder-style DSL, inspired by jbuilder
Featured Shard // Category Template Engine

File Attachment toolkit for Crystal applications. Heavily inspired by Shrine for Ruby
Featured Shard // Category Framework Components

moonshine vs kemal

Popular comparison
  • moonshine - A minimal web framework
  • kemal - Lightning Fast, Super Simple web framework. Inspired by Sinatra


Numerical computing library supporting N-Dimensional data
Featured Shard // Category Science and Data analysis

crystal-by-example vs crystal-patterns

Popular comparison
  • crystal-by-example - Crystal By Example
  • crystal-patterns - Examples of GOF patters


Load and parse a configuration in JSON, YAML, dotenv formats
Featured Shard // Category Configuration

A Crystal-Lang wrapper for API V2
Shard Added by arubinofaux into category Third-party APIs

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  • Crystal vs TypeScript
  • Thanks for the advice, Crystal compiler!
  • Crystal's Channels and the While Loop
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Server-Sent Events client
Featured Shard // Category HTTP


WYSIWYG wiki using markdown and Git
Featured Shard // Category Services and Apps

kemal-pg-sample vs kemal-ws-react-pg-todo-app

Popular comparison
  • kemal-pg-sample - Sample app to demonstrate kemal + postgresql usage
  • kemal-ws-react-pg-todo-app - Realtime Todo application developed with Kemal, Websockets, React, ES2015 and PostgreSQL